Publications by ahmed tahsin shams



Theo 101, a collection of poems, Antivirus Publication (Liverpool, England), Feb., 2015
“The Myriad of Meanings in Literary Culture Studies,” a peer-reviewed collection of proses, published by Blank Voices (Bangladesh), Mar. 2022
Role: Editor & Author
“Sajjad Arefin’s Poesy Tales,” a collection of transcreated poems, published by Blank Voices (Bangladesh), Dec. 2020
Role: Editor & Translator
“NDUB Research Journal,” a peer-reviewed academic journal, Notre Dame University Bangladesh Press, Dec. 2019
Role: Editor
“Preema Donna: An Infinite Journey,” a book on Nazia Andaleeb Preema’s artworks and performances, published by Cosmos Books (Bangladesh), Nov. 2019
Role: Editor & Author
“Potroput,” a bi-lingual poetry collection by Shakib Lohani, Onnodhara Publications (Bangladesh), Feb. 2019
Role: Editor & Translator
“Ode to Dissent: Contemporary South Asian Verses in English Translation,” published by Blank Voices & Swadesh Shoilee, Bangladesh (in press).
Role: Editor & Translator
“Letter from a Molecule,” a collection of experimental performative poetry (in press)
Role: Author
“BLue Sky,” a quarterly publication by Bangladesh Monitor for US Bangla Airlines, 2016
Role: Editor & Author
“WIL,” a quarterly publication of Bangladesh Brand Forum and Women in Leadership, 2018-2020
Role: Editor & Author


“Decrowning Postmodern Protagonists from Page, Stage, and Screen: A Critical Approach to Theoretical Historiography.” Strands of Cultural Historicism: Beyond Ideational Margin, Edited by Aaloy Gangopadhyay et. al., published by Gyan Darpan, Kolkata, India, December 2022

“A Pedagogical Overview of Culturally Responsive Teaching for English Literature International Undergraduates.” The Myriad of Meanings in Literary Culture Studies, Edited by Ahmed Tahsin Shams, Koel Mitra, and Avik Gangopadhyay, published by Blank Voices (Bangladesh), Mar. 2022

“A Breathtaking Manuscript of Revenge in Nocturnal Animals by Tom Ford.” Dhaka Tribune, Oct. 2017

Read on Dhaka Tribune

“A. S. Byatt’s Possession: A Romance.” Ashvamegh Indian Journal of English Literature, Chatto & Windus, Apr. 2016

Read on Ashvamegh

“Protagonist as Intruder into Religion in Wole Soyinka’s The Road: Reflection on the Hidden Theological Class-War.” The Daily Observer, Bangladesh, Apr. 2015


Read on The Daily Observer

“Margin Takes over the Centre: Readers Becoming Authors in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoppard.” The Daily Observer, Bangladesh, May. 2015

Read on The Daily Observer

“Jatiswar by Srijit Mukherji: A Musical Tribute to Anthony Firingee.” Dhaka Tribune, Bangladesh, Nov. 2014

Read on Dhaka Tribune

“Haldaa: Conceptually rich but aesthetically lacking.” Dhaka Tribune, Bangladesh, Jan. 5, 2018

Read on Dhaka Tribune



Title: Atunis Galaxy Anthology 2021 Publisher: Demer Press (Belgium) Editors: Hannie Rouweler & Agron Shele
Title: World Poets Anthology Serbia 2021 Publisher: Lulu Press (USA) Editors: Marija Najthefer Popov & Goran Radicevic
Title: The Dhaka Review 2021 Publisher: Edition Delta (Germany) Editor: Aminur Rahman
Title: Creative Parallels (2017) Publisher: Lulu Press (USA) Editors: Deborah L. Kelly & Anna Fletcher
Title: Culture & Quest on Planetary Crisis and Human Liberation Publisher: International Society for Intercultural Studies and Research, 2019 (India)
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