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Literature: Potato in the curry of career

In Bangladesh, most of the students and parents have two notions regarding studying literature: firstly, book-reading — novels, poems, drama, prose — do not have any place in the contemporary job market. By the word ‘job market’, stereotypically ‘standardized’, it is meant: Three Bs (which are thrust upon power position): BCS, Banking, and Business. Secondly, if it’s English literature then it can be considered as a subject of academic field by particular classes (especially the petty bourgeoisie, also known as ‘middle class’) because of the colonized mindset in Bangladesh. If children study English, parents can tilt up the nose and tap the collar, and stride with their slippers, uttering: My son/daughter studies ‘English’! 
For any job, apart from technical skills, most important requirement is ‘Intelligence’ which means one’s capacity for logic, understanding, self-awareness, planning, creativity, problem solving, and eventually applying knowledge within an environment or context. To be able to fix up a computer or gadget, or a human bone is known as technical skill. But intelligence is something that makes human Homo Sapiens, which we do not get from robots or high-techs. Technical skills can be acquired within a fixed time frame, but intelligence has to be nurtured and practised over the years to put into use for the society, environment, and human kind. And it’s a continuous process. Now the question is: Does literature enhance one’s intelligence?

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