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“I dance, as I desire, at own pleasure”

Writing on the Nazrul-like lifestyle, on the eve of our rebel poet Kazi Nazrul Islam’s birth anniversary (May 25, 1899), is the toughest task I am assigned to till date. The Sad Lad (Dukhu Mia, Nazrul’s nickname) of Bengal had a life of all styles—warrior, poetic, romantic, spiritual. And at the end of the day, I would say, he was born for it, and he nailed it!
Since childhood, the madrassa educated Nazrul was very much attracted to folk theatre, and found life into poetry, music and dance. Thus, Nazrul, while seeking life, left madrassa, and joined a travelling theatre group; and his inert talent of acting and music bloomed far, so far that we still live in it, and will always till Bengal is alive.

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